A Brief Manual On Choosing A Dissertation Topic In Biotechnology

What can be called a good research topic?

A research topic should be chosen thinking about the end result. Your supervisor or examiner will consider a research topic good when:

  • It is original
  • It is relevant to the present research being done in the field
  • It is executed properly

When choosing a topic in biotechnology the above criteria should be kept in mind.

That is look into each of the criteria in detail:


Though, it is not possible to come up with an altogether new idea as every original discovery is based on existing ideas, yet efforts should be made to put together an old idea in the new form or applied in context of a new problem. You can choose to answer a new problem which has never been done before or at night and new methodology.


Make sure the topic you choose is not being done before and you also need to justify while you are writing on this topic. You can also use methodology of our researchers in the field. Make sure that your topic is not too far away from the other papers submitted in the area of your research.


Before you start, it is important to ensure that you have the resources to do the research and complete your paper within this stipulated time. No matter how would your idea is it won’t be fruitful if you cannot do the research properly by employing proper resources.

Having discussed the important points which should be kept in mind while choosing a dissertation topic in biotechnology, you must keep in mind that your supervisor or teacher will have the final word. Though every university ensures that the topics are chosen according to students’ interest and future career aspirations, you should know your research so that you are in a position to two forward a few research topics for your dissertation when asked.

The above guide will help you to arrive at research topic in such a manner that at least one of them gets accepted by your supervisor or research director. Being clear about what a research topic should be like you can suggest some amends to your teacher in case you feel that you do not have the resources at hand to be able to conduct the research in the competent manner. In consultation with your research director and giving your own ideas you will be able to choose a research topic which will be satisfactory to both the parties.