Guide To Writing An Undergraduate Thesis On Homelessness

Homelessness is a big problem even in successful and industrialized countries. If you’re required to compose a thesis related to social issues, picking the topic of homelessness is a good idea because there are plenty of unsolved problems within this field. A good topic won’t guarantee that you’ll get an excellent grade, however. You’ll have to follow particular steps if you want to complete your task successfully.

Instructions for Crafting a Thesis on Homelessness

  1. Narrow down the topic.
  2. Homelessness is a very broad issue to be studied within one paper. To make your investigation meaningful, you should concentrate on some narrow aspect of this topic. For example, you may search for the ways of reducing the number of homeless people in a particular city or town.

  3. Conduct research.
  4. To answer the main question proposed by your topic, you’ll have to gather a lot of information and analyze it. Use your university library and the Internet to find the sources that can be helpful in your study. Consult your professor to choose a research methodology that is more suitable for your topic.

  5. Plan the structure of your paper.
  6. It’s much easier to write your dissertation if you have a good outline. Planning the contents of your paper in advance, you won’t need to improvise during the writing process and the structure of your text won’t suffer. Make sure to include the following chapters in your thesis:

    • The introduction;
    • The survey of the literature;
    • The description of research methods;
    • The presentation of results;
    • The conclusion.
  7. Write your paper draft.
  8. It’s not obligatory to start writing with the introduction. You may complete some other chapters first so that it’s easier for you to compose a relevant opening. Don’t use jargon words in your text. If you need to use a little-known abbreviation throughout your paper, interpret it first so that the readers know exactly what you mean.

    Finalizing Your Thesis

    Once the body of your paper is fully written, it’s time to check it for mistakes and rewrite irrelevant or awkwardly written parts of the text. You may even invite a third-party editor to achieve a better result.

    Lastly, you should format your document properly. It’s very important because your committee won’t accept a poorly formatted academic work. Look into the guidelines to your academic assignment to understand what requirements you should apply. Make sure to use a proper font size and set the margins correctly. Pay special attention to crafting the title page.