What Is A Prolific Dissertation And How To Write It Properly?

Okay, so while you will definitely be familiar with writing essays and dissertations, if I were to throw the word “prolific” into the mix chances are it will confuse the life out of some of you. Well, rather than panicking or getting scared at the prospect the best thing you can do is to break it down. So before we explore how to write one properly, I am going to simply explain what one is.

  • Prolific dissertation explained
  • This is usually a lengthy tome and is usually quite protracted. It can often feel as if not a lot is actually discussed. While that is not particularly the case, it is simply the fact that the author is required to go the long way around rather than taking the most direct route!

    So, how do you write one properly without losing the will to live? Here’s how

  • Choose your subject wisely
  • I can’t stress the importance of subject matter here. You really need something big that you can delve into and then pull apart, bit by glorious bit. This is not for the faint-hearted, and fluffy subjects most definitely will not suffice. You need to understand that this is going to be a huge time sink BUT if you do it right, you should end up getting a fabulous grade

  • Be enthusiastic about your subject
  • Okay, so it is difficult to see how you are going to get anywhere with this unless you are totally in love with your subject. You are going to have to eat, sleep and breathe this, and if you are not into it then you are really going to struggle.

  • Think long, convoluted sentences
  • Granted, if a crisp, sharp style is more your thing then you are going to find this the proverbial pain the backside. However, in a prolific dissertation, more really is more and the higher you can get that word count the better it will ultimately be for you.

  • Dig out your thesaurus
  • Thought thesauruses were a thing of the past? Think again! If yours is currently gathering dust then go dig it out. If you don’t have access to one then you will need to find one online. Trust me, you will thank me for this later because you are definitely going to need it.

Provided you get the subject right, you should be okay!