A List Of 25 Winning Dissertation Topics In Linguistics

The obvious attraction of the study of linguistics is the enormous breadth of possible topics. As every student should know, the choice of topic for their dissertation is often the making or breaking of their writing. Get the topic right and the rest should follow. With so many categories and sub-categories available for the study of linguistics, finding something in which you have a passionate interest is likely to be very helpful. If you already have a strong grasp of a certain language, writing about that language seems sensible and then some.

This article offers a list of many possible linguistic dissertation topics. Choosing one which appeals is so important. Another tip is to choose one which appeals but change the angle or approach to the topic making it exclusively yours.

  1. Consider the metrical behaviour of ancient English verbs
  2. Discuss the Latin construction of the accusative and infinitive
  3. What are the salient features of grammar in Polynesian?
  4. Discuss the non-interrogative uses of Chinese wh-words
  5. What have we learnt about Canadian French pronunciation as opposed to French as spoken in France?
  6. Explain the differences between verb syntax in Scandinavian and English.
  7. What do we understand about default case marking in Japanese?
  8. Discuss elliptical predicated constructions in Mandarin.
  9. What are the salient features of Armenian Phonology?
  10. What do we understand about phasing in Full Interpretation?
  11. Discuss Kikuyu and Universal Grammar.
  12. Explain what is meant by Ojibwe Morphology.
  13. What is the phonological basis for the comparison of Japanese and Korean?
  14. What are the extant Icelandic translations from Middle English?
  15. Discuss extraction rules in Icelandic
  16. List and describe issues in Turkish Syntax.
  17. What have studies shown about linguistic diversity in a small country town.
  18. What is known about the language needs of refugees.
  19. What is the influence of American music lyrics on adolescents
  20. What benefits have grown from studying English as a second language?
  21. Discuss ethnic speech style when it involves 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants.
  22. Discuss the language of the Early English Laws
  23. What is known about narrative peaks in children’s stories?
  24. Discuss studies which have researched how children acquire language.
  25. Discuss the differences in language use between native speakers and those who have studied the same language as a second language.