13 Captivating Dissertation Topics On Total Quality Management

Students who are pursuing a degree in business management and is interested in making out a career in the field of corporate social responsibility is likely to have heard of Total Quality Management (TQM). The concept of TQM is related to the comprehensive organizational management system seeking to improve the quality of products and services. This is done through the continuous development and quality assurance testing and the consequent feedbacks received from the customers. It is referred to that management system which guides and instructs every staff member to commit to maintaining a high standard of work in every part of the company’s operations.


Regarding what topic one can choose, here is a list of 13 rich proposals:

  1. The impact of TQM on the service industry.
  2. Relation between TQM and sustainable development
  3. Implementation of TQM techniques in manufacturing units.
  4. Influence of information technology on TQM
  5. TQM and the advantage of the SMB business.
  6. Evolution of TQM from the twentieth to the 21st century.
  7. Application of TQM in customer satisfaction.
  8. TQM leadership and the managerial responsibilities.
  9. PDCA cycle
  10. Structure and function of TQM techniques in the healthcare industry.
  11. Supplier collaboration techniques and the improvement of quality and competitiveness in the automobile industry.
  12. How does TQM help in the increasing profitability?
  13. Quality Control Circles.

Since it is a vast topic and includes an insight into every aspect of a company’s operations, students may be required to write a thoroughly researched dissertation on this topic. Since this is a very dynamic topic and is in total sync with business studies; a student must choose very cautiously the topic for writing. As dissertation is aimed for future study purpose, a student remains naturally under pressure as to what topic he/she should undertake which can contribute towards their future development. However, while they are beginning the process of doing the research and writing, they must:

  1. Go through the texts to understand completely what the subject is all about.
  2. Discuss with friends and teachers as to what topic they should choose. Search the internet and borrow books from the library in this regard.
  3. Read the existing literature extensively to see how far the subject was chosen is contextual with the present business environment. Keep a tab on the statistical and legal development in the field of TQM.

So, we hope you have now got an idea on how to develop your proposal.