A Brief Manual On Writing A Criminology Dissertation Conclusion

Conclusions are the most important part of any type of writing assignment because it is the last thing people read. You must not try to fall into the trap of just concluding what you wrote in the assignment because that tends to be extremely boring. When you are writing a conclusion on longer pieces of work like your criminology dissertation, you may need a conclusion in every section of your writing because it is so long. There are some differences between conclusions of shorter essays and longer dissertations. Here is a brief manual on writing a criminology dissertation conclusion:

There are some basic components that should be included in your conclusion. Try to include as many as possible in your conclusion:

  • Try to summarize the main point of your writing- Restate your thesis statement but in a way that it doesn’t look like you just switched the words around.
  • Try to give a reason for your summary. Try to say why it is important.
  • You should not include too much personal opinion in your dissertation conclusion because you are trying to emphasize the validity of your findings.
  • You may want to talk about some shortcomings that you found out about your thesis as a result of your findings but overshadow them by the good that came out of your thesis.
  • Try to definitely show how your thesis and the results of your work can affect future research or future work in the same area. This is showing what contribution this thesis has made to society.
  • Specify some statistics that were proven by your research that may not have been known before.
  • With the longer works, write a conclusion on each section of your thesis so you can sum up the important parts of your dissertation. Then all you have to do is summarize your conclusions in your overall conclusion at the end.
  • Make sure your conclusion doesn’t introduce any new information that you have not substantiated. Also make sure that everything you say in your conclusion has something to do with your thesis statement and your proof of it. If you talk about other things you will confuse the audience and probably lose credibility.

This is a manual on how to write any dissertation conclusion as well as a criminology dissertation conclusion. If you want more advice, check this website and see what else you can include if you want.