List Of Unique Dissertation Ideas In Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a very demanding study that incorporates law, medicine and sociology in one big field of interest. For a student of this science, it can be very difficult to choose the right topic for their dissertation, because there are many aspects to this study, and some of them can be very demanding to write about. When thinking about the perfect idea for your dissertation, you have to thing if the data on it is easily available and if the field is close to your interest.

You have to choose a topic that is also unique, so that your readers will be interested in learning more about the issue. Here is a list of unique dissertation ideas in forensic psychology.

  1. Insanity of a sane person: Is there a lurking killer in every one of us
  2. Link between crime, poverty and education: Can social behavior tell us the hidden secrets of ones physic
  3. Creating a serial killer with bad politics and low minority rights
  4. Cities that have the highest ratio of billionaires and serial killers
  5. Is our education training us to develop certain “phobias” and can we stop that before it is too late
  6. Difference between seral killers and homicidal maniacs: Small cities and big trouble
  7. Creating the perfect murder in a world of GPS, satellites and microscopes
  8. Television and the culture of violence: Is our society training people to think like murderers
  9. Greatest murderers and their relationships with their family: Is being alone what make people kill or having too much company
  10. Famous detectives and their road to fame: Cases that were solved thanks to the genius of forensic science
  11. Domestic violence and technology: Are we a step closer to kill the family
  12. Missing persons and the fame: People that got killed trying to become more than a man from the mass

When you are writing a dissertation on forensic psychology, you should consider that the interview is an essential part of your study. You should be always certain that your source is aware that his words are going to be used in scientific paper, and you should have his permission. Also, when writing a paper you have to use a lot of data that will probably be very sensitive. Be sure to use only the data that you have permission to use, and to incorporate only the information and details that are absolutely necessary for your dissertation.