Design Dissertation Ideas: 10 Interesting Areas You Can Investigate

Writing a dissertation could be daunting for those with no preparation and at the same time be rewarding for a person with keen focus on the research, those who use their time efficiently and keep their task manageable.

The ability to choose a dissertation topic is a vital skill that needs to be obtained by the person performing the study, as it is important to come up with one’s own idea for managing the dissertation topic adequately. A good dissertation topic is one that the researcher is interested in, the one that has tons of support and the one that is appropriate with the subject, some best and interesting areas that one could investigate are listed here.

  1. Environment: choosing to perform a dissertation of a topic of greenery could be interesting and also appealing as there are a number of threats to our planet of all. Such a topic would also invite good support from the audience.
  2. Management topics: management topics offers the researcher to get close to a hot and happening business topic and develop unique thoughts in the field such as how to market a global product, techniques to get a product attractive and appealing to customers, ways to up-skill employees, managing the density of workforce etc.
  3. Finance topic: creating a dissertation in the field of Finance could be appealing for business houses, private and even government organizations as everybody has the need to manage their finances. Some topics of interest under finance field could be strategic analysis of different investment models, advancement of micro-finance models, credit access of analysis of governments etc.
  4. Corporate and work place ethics: with the advent of globalization of businesses, workplace ethics is an important topic of concern and could be an interesting area of design dissertation as well.
  5. Child labor: though the topic has already been explored adequately, it is still a challenging problem in countries such as India, Africa and china that affects the conscience of people.
  6. E-commerce and the world: how does infrastructure of a government support the initiative of e-commerce could be dealt in a discursive analysis with the possibility to identify the potential for foreign investment.
  7. Customer service: Level of customer service available at present with service industries, ways to improve the situation and ways to enhance the customer service policies could be analyzed in a descriptive thesis.
  8. Carbon footprints: Responsibility of people over their carbon footprints, to what extent common people feels this social responsibility and what have they done to subsidies their carbon footprints?
  9. Effects of social media on e-commerce, effects of social media on common people, advancement in the use of social media in advertising by businesses could be hot topics for dissertation.
  10. Dissertation topics on tourism and hospitality industry