24 English Language Dissertation Ideas To Explore

Writing a dissertation on English language is not that difficult. The most challenging part is finding the right topic. Here is a list of a few topics to help you make your decision. The topic you decide to work on must be original and fresh. When you write a dissertation on an interesting topic, you have more chances of impressing your teachers. You will be able to make your paper stand out from the rest and also get you better grades. By going through the list you can get a good idea about the kind of topics you are supposed to work on.

A list of possible topics for your paper:

  1. The best way to learn English language.
  2. How the language has evolved over the years?
  3. The difference in the language when you compare the common tongue with what was spoken twenty years ago.
  4. The fastest way to learn how to spell a word in English.
  5. Do you think English is a complicated language or does it have just too many rules?
  6. Explore another language that has similar origin as English.
  7. How is English language different from Latin?
  8. What has made English so popular in the whole world?
  9. Do you think English can be said to be the most used language in the globe?
  10. How has the use of grammar changed in the last decade?
  11. Do you think the ability to change has made English survive so many years?
  12. One poet from the 18th century who has helped in making the language what it is today?
  13. The difference between satire and sarcasm.
  14. Write a paper on the most prominent 19yj century novelist and how has he contributed to the English language.
  15. How have women writers contributed to the language.
  16. Common mistakes that beginners make when learning English for the first time.
  17. How is the UK English any different from the US English?
  18. The best way to avoid grammatical errors when composing an essay in English.
  19. How important is grammar in modern literature?
  20. Do you agree that social networking and internet has declined the quality in which the language is being written?
  21. Do people nowadays fail to take grammar seriously?
  22. Some of the online campaigns that are trying to save the language and retrieve its former glory.
  23. How has relation between spelling and pronunciation changed in the last 50 years?
  24. How can the internet be of help to people learning English for the first time?