ABMA Dissertation Writing Tips: Creating A Winning Paper

ABMA Dissertations

ABMA stands for American Bearing Manufacturers Associations. ABMA courses are one of the most popular courses today. The final year students of this course will have to prepare dissertations as a part of their degree program. To prepare a winning paper, a lot of efforts should be taken from the side of the students.


The research program on your topic is very important for your writing. The student should find relevant examples which support your research paper. Finding facts and information which supports your arguments is very important for your writing, as the panel team will definitely evaluate the facts you provide.

Importance of Originality

The dissertation you prepare should be free from plagiarism. You should not select a topic done by other students and copy it. The writing should be original following the guidelines provided by the tutor. You can also seek the assistance of your ABMA co-ordinator for necessary inputs.

Tips for writing ABMA dissertations

ABMA dissertation writings include several processes, which makes the entirety of the experience both exciting and challenging. Here are some tips which should be followed by ABMA students to write a winning paper.

  • Introduction is the first step to be followed while you write the document. In this section, you can introduce the themes you are going to discuss in your document. You can write about the methodology, you are going to follow to investigate the ideas you have chosen to write. In short, the introduction should give a clear idea about the upcoming paragraphs.
  • The main body comes next. It should explore the strengths, positives, weakness and de-merits of the topic you chose. Always try to include some models, structures and matrices about the topic, which will help the reader to understand better.
  • The conclusion of the document should give a rough sketch about what you told in the above sections. You can conclude with your findings and results along with their solutions in the final section. This will help for better evaluation of your topic.
  • It is very important to reference your source of information at the end of the dissertation. The source of the examples you used in the document should be cited in this section.

Submitting your research paper of your ABMA course in the given deadline is possible if you follow the instructions given above. The final outcome of the ABMA research paper is not just a manuscript, but it is the hard work of the students who are ready to work independently or with a team.