How To Select Winning Dissertation Topics For Social Work Students

Your dissertation is this huge project that you have to do to graduate. It will likely take you a lot of time to complete. You will find that if you go ahead and choose a great topic and get it approved, that the rest of the project is a lot easier. When it comes to choosing a winning dissertation topic, there are a few things that you may want to try.

  • Use your notes and text books
  • You have likely taken thousands of notes and read tons of text books. Go through the notes to see if there was something that you feel was lacking a bit of clarification or something that you believe you could apply to a field of study or a company. Look for things that don’t have a lot of research on them and things that you are interested in knowing more about. These are the things that will work great for this assignment. You can read through your table of contents of the index to get some solid ideas of the main things that you talked about in class. You can build your study from these ideas.

  • Online lists
  • There are plenty of sources that list ideas on what you can write your paper on. You may have to just use the list to come up with an idea or change it a little so that it is original. It is definitely a great way to get your mind thinking about topics that you can discuss for this project.

  • Professional writing sites
  • When you are struggling to find a topic to write your dissertation on, you can find the help that you need from a professional. They will be able to walk your through different aspects of your paper. Other services are provided besides just writing services. Professional writing sites can help you decide on a topic, find papers to back it up, and much more. They may even have an extensive list with various topics that can help jog your memory. Check it out and see what they can do for you.

You are nearing the end of your degree program and when you or other social work students need to come up with an idea for their paper, they can try these places. The help that you need is out there and easier to get then you think.