What Should I Know Before Writing A Master's Thesis In Environmental Science?

Normally you will be given two years to complete a Master’s thesis, and it will go hand in hand with your Master’s Degree. So the first thing to know is this is not the research paper that you put together at 2 AM to be turned in at 9 AM.

  • Be prepared to allot yourself the writing time. You can do this by scheduling in time slots during the week. Treating the writing like a job can help tremendously with procrastination. After all, it is a job, and your future job depends on its completion.
  • A designated workspace is also going to be helpful. This will help keep all your research in one place. Others will respect this one place and will most likely leave it alone. The last thing you want is someone else cleaning up and moving valuable ideas around. Let this one space become your sanctuary. This sanctuary will allow you to focus solely on the task at hand without distraction.
  • APA Format will be required of all Master’s thesis. It is recommended that you purchase a copy of the APA Handbook. You will need to reference this book for the formatting of the research paper. The APA Handbook is a valuable reference in your personal library and will be utilized through graduate school, as well as undergraduate.
  • You have picked environmental science for a Master’s thesis. Now you must define your topic and narrow down the parameters that will be discussed. Without these narrowed parameters, your Master’s research will go in every direction. Traditional outlines work, but flowcharts are better. Flowcharts are more flexible and allow for the "if" statements. These flowcharts can then be used to place research into a meaning hierarchy of value. You will want to use the most valuable research in your project. These flowcharts can then be used as notes later when you are before the review committee.
  • Explain environmental science. This is something that you will need to do. Most people are going to be totally blank when you say environmental science. It would be a very good idea to define environmental science. State your topic and why you choose the topic. Why is this topic valuable? A Master’s thesis is something that makes a valuable contribution to an area of study.
  • When it comes time for the review committee, just remember that these members are people and most likely your professors. At one time, all of these members stood where you are standing. This is the time when you defend your work. Know that these committee members will offer arguments against your points and you will need to defend your writing. As a good defense, it would be useful to research these arguments ahead of time in preparation.

This will be no easy task. It will take considerable time and dedication. This will be the culmination of your years of study. This will be your statement.