28 Dissertation Topics In Education Suggested By Experts

Choosing a topic for a dissertation is always difficult. You should pick something that will be interesting for you to write and for your audience to read about. Education is a subject that constantly changes and evolves, so there are plenty of topics that you can select from. You may look at some relevant topic ideas in the list below.

  1. The pre-school education and the Montessori Method.
  2. Advantages of pre-schooling.
  3. The reasons to make pre-schooling mandatory for all children.
  4. Money management techniques in primary schools.
  5. Environment preservation as a part of primary school curriculum.
  6. Pros and cons of testing in primary schools.
  7. Entrepreneurship over history for high school students.
  8. Putting students who earn poor grades with high achievers to improve their scores.
  9. The reintroduction of religious education for religious and racial tolerance.
  10. How to change university business courses for them to suit better the information age.
  11. The reasons for Tertiary education to be universal.
  12. Tuition fee increases: why should they be frozen?
  13. Advantages of Montessori-trained teachers.
  14. Teaching: a job or a calling?
  15. The influence of a teacher on a student’s character formation.
  16. Private school teachers and public school teachers: who are better?
  17. The reasons for a child to study in a private school.
  18. The emphasis of private schools on the character formation.
  19. The reasons for special education schools to be wholly public schools.
  20. Healthy eating: should it be taught in public schools?
  21. Compulsory participation in sports for public school students.
  22. Pros and cons of homeschooling.
  23. The reasons for the popularity of homeschooling in the US.
  24. The comparison between home-schooled students and ordinary students.
  25. The difficulties of adult education.
  26. The importance of adult education in the modern fast-evolving world.
  27. Holistic education in comparison to academic education.
  28. The components of holistic education.

These are decent topic ideas for your dissertation. However, you should remember that a good topic doesn’t guarantee you a high score. You should do thorough research on your topic. Professional sites, like this one, that can be found on the web. By using their services, it’ll be much easier for you to conduct your research and search for data.

You should also look for examples of other dissertations. This will help you understand how to structure your paper and present your results. To find good sample papers, you may use both online sources and real libraries.