The Most Acute Dissertation Topics On Public Policy

Whether you are studying a course that is specifically designed to teach you about public policy, or you need to learn about public policy as part of a wider subject, you may well be required to write a dissertation at some point on the subject. If this is the case, then developing a good topic to write about will be essential.

In order to help you think of some good topics to write about, it can be useful to read newspapers and articles on the Internet, so as to give you an idea of what is happening in relation to public policy at the moment. Equally, you may also choose to look at prewritten samples of academic papers related to the subject, as this can give you an insight into what people have written about before.

Ultimately, you will want to choose a topic that you will feel comfortable writing about, as well as one that will enable you to write in as much depth as required. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose a topic that is relatively obscure, unless you feel comfortable in your abilities to produce a comprehensive piece of work based on the topic.

To give you some ideas of what to write about, there is a list of topics suggested below.

  • What role do lobbyists play when it comes to setting public policy, and is it right for private individuals and institutions to have such an influence over public policy decisions?
  • To what extent should religion be consulted when it comes to deciding on public policy?
  • Compare and contrast public policy in the United States without of the United Kingdom
  • Compare and contrast the impact that public policy has on the lives of men compared with the lives of women
  • Outline and discuss the direction the public policy has taken in the 21st century and what have been of the main influences on any new policies
  • Outline and discuss some areas of public policy that have grossly misjudged feelings within society
  • Outline and discuss the various methods that can be used when trying to create public policy
  • When it comes to public policy, how can knee-jerk reactions actually fail individuals in society who are most in need of help?
  • How do politicians use feedback in order to come up with public policy?
  • What impact has the Internet, and other means of mass communication, had on the way in which public policy is decided?