A List Of Excellent Dissertation Writing Ideas Related To Real Estate

If you are taking a course of real estate and want to devote your dissertation to this specific field, you won’t lack good ideas for your research. However, you should be selective and pick the best topic for your final academic project.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Topic Idea

  • Make sure that you choose something that interests you.
  • Real estate management, real estate development, real estate finance – pick any niche you like and want to professionally develop in.

  • Give preference to a current issue.
  • If you explore modern trends in the industry and burning issues of reality, your dissertation will be both interesting and useful. Listen to the needs of your audience, give answers to the questions that bother them, and your paper will be a success.

  • Pick an original topic.
  • Think big and be creative when developing your dissertation writing idea, and your efforts will definitely be appreciated.

Ideas Worth Your Attention

  • Why do real estate prices change? Do a historical analysis of the market in your locality. Consider all factors affecting the change.
  • Should inheritance tax rates be frozen? Analyze how real estate owners are influenced by increasing death taxes.
  • When are you refused to insure your property? Discuss all possible cases when insurance companies refuse to insure the property. How can real estate owners deal with this problem?
  • How do properties develop in your city? Do research on the recent changes connected with creating additional living space in your locality. How effective are property owners and developers?
  • Is the real estate market overvalued? Consider the opinions of estate agents and first-time buyers on the real value of the properties in your country.
  • Renting or property owning? Analyze why some nations prefer to rent while some others are focused only on property owning.
  • Is it possible to purchase property for cheap at the property auctions? Explore all sides of the issue and focus on the pitfalls of the deal.
  • What are the peculiarities of urban housing policies in different countries? Pick any two countries you like and do a comparative analysis.
  • Why is the real estate industry dominated by men? Analyze the causes of this phenomenon in your dissertation.
  • What is the role of politics in real estate development? Analyze the reasons for political supremacy in the issue. Compare situations in different countries.
  • Why is it beneficial to invest in real estate? Focus on the state of affairs in your country.
  • What are the current trends in area-saving construction? Research innovations in the field.