5 Things To Know About The Dissertation Dedication Page

When you finally have completed the long and arduous process of writing your dissertation, you are put face to face with the difficult task of dedicating your work to someone special. This may not seem like a big deal – compared to the weeks you have spent prior in writing the work itself – but it’s a point that is actually pretty challenging. Here are five things you need to know about the dissertation dedication page:

  1. Choosing the Right Person
  2. The most difficult part of composing this part of the dissertation is choosing someone who you would like to thank. It might be helpful to take a few moments to think about what you have just been through in writing the report and who has been important in helping you complete the project.

  3. How to Identify the Person
  4. Now that you have identified the person that you are dedicating your work to, you need to decide how you are going to identify them. This is based on your personal preference as much as it is on appropriateness, which can vary from formal to informal. If you were to address someone formally then you would use a title such as Dr. or Mr. If you were on the informal you would probably use something like Dad, Mom, My friend and so forth.

  5. Addressing the Dedication
  6. There are lots of ways to start off the dedication. Some of the most popular ones are “This graduate work is dedicated to” or “I dedicate this to…” The best thing to do is write out a few different ones for consideration. Even you don’t start with a formal address, the fact that it’s on a separate page should signal to the reader as to the purpose of the statement or sentences.

  7. Coming Up with the Reason
  8. The next part of writing your dedication is providing an explanation as to why you chose a particular person or persons. This should be entirely subjective and personal. Get straight to the point when you are drafting so that you have an easier time composing your final and more polished version.

  9. Coming Up with Alternatives
  10. Though many students opt to stick with tradition, there has been a recent trend for student to create a dedication page that utilizes an alternative format. Consider, for instance, using a funny anecdote or a poem to express your thanks. You can even consider writing your dedication in the form of a personal letter. Being creative could also give the sense that you have put a lot of thought into the way you want to express gratitude.