The 15 Best Graduate Dissertation Topics On Modern Technologies

Technology has permeated all areas of life. You are therefore likely to encounter a dissertation on technology in any discipline. This creates numerous opportunities to explore technology in an academic paper. However, not all ideas will give you the results you seek. Some ideas are considered strong while others are regarded as weak. What characterizes the best ideas?

  • Relevance- such ideas resonate with what is taking place in the sector. This means that they address existing concerns and also seek to solve an existing technological challenge. It would be a waste of time and resources to write on a subject that is of no interest to technology users. As much as possible, ensure that your ideas and work resonate with social challenges.
  • Strong- the strength of an idea lies in the issues it addresses. Instead of focusing on peripheral concerns, address issues that are weighty. Seek to make a momentous difference in the lives of people who will interact with your work. Choose the most appropriate words to express your concerns or ideas.
  • Fresh- pick a topic that has not been handled extensively in the past. Such a topic is new and will excite the imagination of your readers. The best way to avoid previously studied ideas is to go through what other writers have said. Extensive reading enables you to find ideas that support your point of view and therefore strengthens your arguments.
  • Specific- technology is a very broad area and a lot can be said about technology. Your topic must therefore seek to address a specific issue. Avoid a very wide topic that might become unmanageable. On the other hand, a narrow topic will deny you the opportunity to address issues comprehensively.

Here are interesting topics on technology for your dissertation.

  1. Cyber security in the wake of frequent hacking
  2. Using technology to reduce human error on flights
  3. Life prolonging technology
  4. When technology replaces humanity
  5. Curbing the abuse of technology
  6. Is technology becoming too expensive
  7. When technology endangers the lives of people
  8. Mopping up trash resulting from technology
  9. Using technology to combat global warming
  10. How far should religion embrace technology?
  11. Is technology making people more or less social?
  12. The pros and cons of technology application in reproductive health
  13. When should children be introduced to technology?
  14. Predicting the future through technology
  15. Is technology leading to smarter people?