A Creative Approach To Hiring A Thesis Writing Company

College students have so much going on and so much work to do. The due date for a thesis or dissertation that once seemed so far away, is now staring them in the face. A thesis writing company could be a great help. Such companies specialize in writing theses and dissertations.

What are Theses and Dissertations?

Theses and dissertations are very similar.

Thesis: sometimes an undergraduate student is tasked with writing a thesis paper. Mostly, though, Master Degree candidates must write thesis papers. The student devises a proposal or thesis based on prior work. The student analyses the work, then presents their opinion.

Dissertation: a student seeking a Ph.D. must write a dissertation. The student conducts their own research, devices their own hypothesis, and then proves or disproves the hypothesis.

What is a Thesis Writing Service?

Thesis writing companies write custom thesis papers. They also function as a dissertation service and provide custom dissertation writing help.

Are There Different Kinds of Writing Companies?


There are a lot of companies out there that provide writing services for students. They write term papers, essays, research papers, etc. They also prepare thesis papers. Don’t use such services for a thesis or dissertation, even if they rave about themselves. The thesis or dissertation required for the Master’s Degree or Ph.D. is far too important to let a company that does all those other papers write it. Those companies may be wonderful, but the advanced degree student needs specialized writers that focus on graduate theses and dissertations only.

How to Choose a Good Thesis Writing Company

Again, the student must be sure that the company specializes in theses and dissertations.

The student must also be careful not to choose a scam site that will takes their money and never provide them with a paper or one that provides them with a poor quality or plagiarized paper. Yes, those exist.

Here are the basic steps to take:

  • Browse the Internet and locate a thesis writing company
  • Look over the company’s website. Is it put together well? Are there articles and samples? Can you view entire papers or only partial papers?
  • Got to the contact page. Are you invited to contact them? Are they accessible 24/7 by live chat or telephone? These are positive indicators.
  • Send an email and see how long it takes to receive a response. An hour or two is a positive indicator. A comprehensive, meaningful response is even better.

Call the company and ask the following questions (an immediate connection to a human being is very good).

  • Can you guarantee that the thesis/dissertation won’t contain plagiarized work?
  • Do you guarantee confidentiality?
  • May I see the writer’s credentials?
  • Do you offer free revisions?
  • What if I’m unsatisfied with the paper?
  • How do you send me the paper?
  • Do you ever miss deadlines?
  • What’s included in the quote? Are there hidden fee?

It’s a good sign if you are satisfied with their responses.

Cons of Using a Thesis Writing Service

It would be wrong not note that in using a thesis writing service, you’re taking a chance with reputation and education. Think carefully about hiring such a company and keep in mind that you could always get caught. If so, you could fail, get suspended, or be expelled.