Art History Dissertation Writing: Basic Recommendations

There are some basic rules of writing dissertation on any subject. Though there are various formats of writing but every research need to follow some basic recommendations. These rules are recommended by experts. It will help to make your dissertation to improve better.

  • Study samples of previous year
  • Before writing paper on art history, you should gather information. You should study the sample paper of previous year. It will not only help you to collect information about the Art history but also help you how to write paper. So try to collect previous year paper from your university or from other university. There is no negative side if you study sample paper from other universities. Rather it will help to increase your knowledge regarding this and confidence will grow within you.

  • Grow confidence within you to write paper
  • This is very important to have confidence while writing paper on Art history because most of the students cannot write better paper in lack of knowledge and confidence. In spite of bearing correct thinking the students cannot write good paper because they get confuse whether it is appropriate or suitable for the writing. Therefore confidence is required and it will come only after having sound knowledge on the subject.

  • Take advice from supervisor
  • For writing Art paper you will be provided a supervisor who will guide you in writing. As you do not have any experience regarding the matter so you should seek help from supervisor. Although they will give you necessary information regarding the topic and the way of writing but you also have to be conscious. Ultimately you have to write the paper so go through it and note down a bunch of questions and ask your supervisor whenever you visit because you will not get him at your wish.

  • Start writing paper after taking suggestion from supervisors
  • The more you consult the more you get confuse. So it is better to start writing paper after getting basic knowledge. As you will get a certain period of time to complete your paper and submit it on stipulated date so you should start writing as early as possible to avoid last minute rush. There is no end of knowledge but if you stuck to gather knowledge only then you may have to repent when time will pass. Remember that you should make a plan and time schedule to complete your writing before stipulated time to revise your writing in order to make necessary corrections.