A List Of 25 Potential PhD Thesis Topics In Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any successful consumer product dealer and involves various forms of advertising, promotions and educational drives. These activities can often cost companies a lot of money along with resources, definitive proof of how effective a good marketing campaign can be to the success of a product or company.

For the PhD student, the thesis paper is often the last obstacle standing between them and their diplomas. Unfortunately, this paper is not that easy to complete, as a rule, school always try to challenge their students to do the best they can, which results in many difficult thesis options being thrown into the mix. Completion of a thesis paper require a students to produce high quality professional work for submission. Consider the following topic options for a thesis paper on marketing:

  1. What is the difference between a fast selling product and a slow selling one that provide exactly the same uses?
  2. How do you quantify the effectiveness of your advertising campaign?
  3. What is the most reliable method of promoting a new product in a competitive market?
  4. Should small companies spend the same mount of money on advertising as their larger competitors?
  5. What are the effects of customer dissatisfaction to marketing companies when they successfully market a bad product?
  6. Should companies be allowed to stretch the truth in order to sell their products?
  7. What tools does the consumer have to protect them against false advertisers?
  8. Many companies have very little or no marketing drive, yet they are very successful in their respective fields, what is the secret to this?
  9. Conduct an experiment to prove which marketing strategy is more effective between active campaigning and branding.
  10. What are the differences in marketing strategies for high priced products compared to low priced ones?
  11. What are the early warning signs that a company will fail as a result of poor marketing and promotional strategies at their launch?
  12. How much of a company’s success relies on the choice of marketing strategies versus viability of the product they are selling?
  13. An experiment to discover the number one rule that all successful marketing agents follow without fail.
  14. Reasons why your marketing strategy will fail before your company is able to break-even after launching.
  15. The full extent of the effects of false reputations and fake testimonies on markets dealing with essential products.