Practical Advice On Writing A Philosophy Doctoral Thesis

Writing a philosophy doctoral thesis is very stressful, and it is something that most students never master. The main reason for this is that they crack under the pressure, and they do not learn how to work under deadlines. The really unfortunate thing about this is that deadlines exist in every job and everyday life, so it is important to master you now and become better for the future.

  • Become the Master of Your Stress
  • Realize that you are going to panic, you are going to freak out a bit, you want to make sure that you are able to think about the issue at hand and deal with the stress in a way that is going to be proactive. That means that you will need to set a schedule and deadlines, and you will need to meet them. Sit down at the beginning of the process and decide what you can do in realistic deadlines and times and find ways to make that schedule work.

  • Use Meditation and Exercise
  • When you become overly stressed make sure that you are using meditation and exercise and this will allow you to be able to center your stress as well as find ways to be able to focus your attention on the matter at hand.

  • Prepare One Working Draft
  • Remember that your thesis is going to be a living breathing document much in the same way that a book would be, that means that you are going to need to think about it in terms of constant changes. When people are giving you draft feedback and critiques, make sure that you are using the tack changes option so that you will be able to see all of the changes that are being made. Remember that the criticism that you are getting is simply going to make you a better writer and that means that you need to not take it personally.

  • Work Way Ahead of Deadline
  • Try to finish early, this way you will be able to not panic and instead easily make it with plenty of time before you have to worry too much about being behind the eight ball. Your thesis is something you only have to do one time, but it is also one of the most stressful things that most students ever do.

Plan on thinking about all you want to do and see this as the stepping stone to bigger and better things. Becoming an excellent author and researcher will ensure that you are ahead of the curve for the rest of your life.