Handpicked Thesis Titles In Finance: Expert Ideas

As a finance student, you should always be ready to write a thesis paper at any given time. There are a lot of students who have in the past been unable to proceed with tasks like these ones, because perhaps they were not prepared enough for the challenge that was posed to them. Remember that tasks like these are not supposed to challenge you, but are actually aimed at helping you see the world around you as a scholar.

You are supposed to use the knowledge you have gained in school to come up with incredible topics that you can share with your audience, and in the long run get them to appreciate the discussion that you are having, based on your perspective. Here are a few ideas that you can use in your finance paper:

  • Discuss the nature of campaign finance reforms and why they are important in the industry today
  • Discuss, citing credible resources, the importance of equality in financial institutions
  • Discuss some of the key barriers that small and microeconomic institutions in the country currently face when raising bank finance
  • Explain some of the key external sources of business finance
  • Discuss the nature, impact and mechanics of finance during World War I
  • Compare and contrast the foundational basics between accounting and finance
  • Investigate the major sources of finance in an organization, and highlight the importance of each source you discuss
  • Critically examine and elaborate the main role that finance plays in economic operations
  • Over the years, the introduction of computers and the advancement of the internet have brought about incredible changes in the world, and the way business is done. Discuss some of the ramifications of these systems in the workplace at the moment
  • Discuss the main reasons why family run businesses usually run into problems after the founding members pass the ownership/leadership to the generations after them
  • Highlight some of the challenges that face the successful deployment of ICT in finance
  • Using the concept of efficient market theory, discuss the element of behavioral finance as is experienced in the industry today

Remember that these are just the simplest ideas that you can work with. By the end of the day, you should be in a position where you can simply take any concept and turn it into a good discussion topic, properly researched and with some quality information to support your ideas.