Thesis writing help: 5 good habits to develop

Writing a thesis requires a lot of discipline and motivation, and sometimes it is difficult to keep going when the task seems so huge and overwhelming. Hopefully these 5 ideas will help you to develop some really good habits that will not just see you though your thesis writing but will also help you in any project you undertake.

Make writing a priority.

  • Fix a time in the day to write. Don’t try to do all your other tasks and then at the end of the day start working on your thesis.
  • Having a schedule is really good as you won’t be constantly worrying whether you are going to be able to fit in writing.
  • Even if you only allow yourself 30 minutes a day for a session of uninterrupted writing that is better than 2 hours of struggling.
  • As you progress with your writing you may find that you are easily able to write for longer each day.
  • You may find that some days you find it hard to concentrate. Everyone experiences some days when they find writing hard. In this case you may use best dissertation writing service.

Plans and Backup Plans.

  • Always to think about what you are going to achieve in your writing session. Make a plan of the order in which you are going to tackle themes.
  • If you find that you can’t write, then read instead. Just make sure that the time you have allocated is spent on your thesis.
  • so you know that you could be working on a different section or a different issue is you are stuck on one particular area of work.
  • If you can’t write then try not to use your writing time to catch up with friends as that will soon become a reason not to write.

Don’t over run writing time.

  • This can be just as bad as procrastinating as to why you choose not to write sometimes.
  • Set a timer, it does not matter if it is on your phone or you use the kitchen timer.
  • When the timer rings, then stop work, you will achieve more than if you give yourself permission to stop whenever you want.
  • If you anticipate that you need to write for two hours a day, then start first thing in the morning.
  • Be firm over the breaks you take. Take breaks even if it means just getting up off the chair and making a coffee.

Time Vs Words

  • Some find it easier to make word counts their targets rather than times. It is important to know that we all work differently.
  • Some people can write up to 1000 words in one hour while others may struggle with 50. It depends what you are writing about.
  • Remember there is staying disciplined but there is also staying motivated. If you constantly don’t meet the targets then change them
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve on a daily basis. Again, planning helps and also having a backup plan works even better.
  • Sometime you just need to walk away and take a break. Try something that takes you mind off the task, you will come back refreshed.


  • If you find that your routine is not working for you, you may need to change it in some way.
  • If you push ahead and try to stick to your routine you will find that after a while you will be ready to write at a set time every day.
  • If you run into difficulty with one piece of writing then just change to another writing focus (remember the backup plan?).
  • As long as you are writing then you will find that the skills that you are improving on one task will help you in other writing tasks.
  • The more motivated and disciplined you are in one area of your life the more it will influence other areas of your life.

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